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Radiation Safety Electronics
  • Pocket dosimeter with low power design.
  • Quantitative dose reading with storage of recent value.
  • Excellent immunity to cell phone EMI.
  • USB interface to PC for use with Intech® DMS Software.
  • Nuclear Power Plants.
  • Laboratories and industries with radiation applications.
  • Cancer hospitals and medical research facilities.
Model No. I dose ALM IDA-110
Dectector Type Semi conductor diode
Radiation detected X and Y radiation
Display Units Direct readout of dose equivalent Hp(10) in Sv
Range Dose 1 Sv to > 1 Sv auto ranging
Dose rate 0.1mSv/h to 1Sv/h, auto ranging
Alarms Dose and dose rate alarms
Continuously settable over the entire range
80dB buzzer
Energy response 25% from 60keV to 1.25Mev (ref. 137Cs)
Angular response 20% up to 75 for 137cs 50% up to 75241Am
Accuracy Hp(10) 137Cs 10%
Dose rate linearity 20% up to 1Sv/h
Memory type EEPROM, 10 years retention
Dose profile history Fixed, 30mts intervals
No. of records 24
Electrical and Mechanical  
Power supply Single Li coin CR2477 battery
Battery life Over 5000 hrs of continuous operation ( non alarming)
Communication USB connector
Display and function Control by single button; dose/dose rate display, mute
Size Pen type enclosure 26mm X 130 X15mm
Weight 85g including battery and clip
Case material High Impact ABS
Operating temprature 0C to 45C
Humidity 20% to 90% RH, non-condensing
Vibration IEC 61526: 2g' 15 min 10-33Hz
Shock 1.5m drop on each surface onto concrete
EMI/EMC Exceeds IEC 61526: Less than 5% change in response due to electro magnetic field strength of 100 V/m at frequencies between 100KHz and 500MHz and of 1V/m at frequencies between 500MHz and 1GHz
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