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Radiation Safety Electronics
Dose Alert
  • Qualitative indication of radiation level based on color display.
  • Audible alarm for dose level higher than 100mR/h
  • First Responders and Emergency Personnel.
  • Security personnel.
Dectector Type Semi conductor diode type
Radiation detected Gamma and X-ray radiation: 60keV to > 2MeV
Display Four discrete LEDs, green, yellow, orange and red indicates safe, low, medium and high radiation levels
Audible Alarm 70dB buzzer
Range Green 0-2mR/h
  Yellow 5mR/h - 50mR/h
  Orange 50mR/h - 100mR/h
  Red with audible alarm > 100mR/h
Response time 10secs at 0 - 2mR/h range
  5 secs at 5mR/h - 50mR/h range
  2 secs at 50mR/h - 100mR/h range
  1 secs at > 100mR/h range
On - Off Through a single button; press for 2 secs for switching on; press for 5 secs for switching off
Battery 2 X AAA cells
Operational life 6 months continuous, in background radiation levels
Enclosure Compact key FOB enclosure Size 62.6mm X 40mm X 12.5mm
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